Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Point of Industry-Academia Collaboration

1. The “Kobelco Construction Machinery Dream-Driven Co-Creation Research Center” was established in April 2018.

2. Shared policy of aiming for not only research to realize social implementation, but also academic research achievements.

3. Newly installed an incentive system for researchers to promote social implementation of the research results.

4. In January 2019, established a test site using actual equipment on campus to take advantage of the spacious campus grounds of Hiroshima University.

Background of Collaboration

After starting joint research in 2007, a joint research course was established in 2015. In 2016, a comprehensive research collaboration agreement was signed. With the deepening of the collaboration, trust was also fostered and the two sides successfully shared organizational goals in the establishment of the “Kobelco Construction Machinery Dream-Driven Co-Creation Research Center”.

Background and Content of Collaboration

In April 2018, Kobelco Construction Machinery established its “Kobelco Construction Machinery Dream-Driven Co-Creation Research Center” on campus. This is a company research laboratory built on Hiroshima University’s campus, which is the first case for the university.

Responding to the needs of Kobelco Construction Machinery, Hiroshima University introduced suitable researchers and set up a structure, so that researchers from outside of the university could participate.

Joint research themes are always kept flexible when setting goals and managing progress. This allows for the both parties, Kobelco Construction Machinery and Hiroshima University, to achieve their own goals and academic achievements.

The co-creation research laboratory emphasizes the actual use of new technology on site and has introduced a new intellectual property system. Under the new system, when Kobelco Construction Machinery realizes intellectual property, Kobelco will give Hiroshima University an innovation incentive fee that includes both the “Research Inventive related Joint Research” and the “University Innovation Promotion Expense”. Also, with the aim of promoting the social implementation of our research achievements, staff assigned to Hiroshima University by Kobelco Construction Machinery can also receive the implementation fee while working for the company.

Furthermore, to conduct practical research, in January 2019, a demonstration site was created on the east campus of Hiroshima University for operating a hydraulic excavator, etc.

To improve awareness and nurture outstanding human resources on campus, we are working on the logo and branding of “Kobelco Construction Machinery Dream-Driven Co-Creation Research Center”.

Achievements and future policies

Planning Dept. New Business Promotion Division
New Business Planning Group Chief
Seiichi Tanaka

After establishment of the co-creator research laboratory, the number of joint research courses and joint research projects with Hiroshima University are increasing. Also with the increase of academic papers and other academic achievements, and the smooth progression of the social implementation of our research results, our company has rising expectations for Hiroshima University.

From here on out, with the shrinking of the work force and the decrease of skilled workers, we aim to build a sustainable society that can overcome the social obstacles it faces. To achieve creative, advanced, and outstanding research results, we hope to solidify the collaboration with Hiroshima University. Also, both parties emphasize the nurturing of human resources through the co-creator research laboratory and our committed to continuing that focus.