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In order to realize results in large-scale collaborative research, it is essential to have a system that allows researchers to focus on their research based on mutual trust. In order to create world-class new businesses using the seeds of Hiroshima University’s research, the university will take a systematic collaborative approach and build strong, long-term relationships with companies.

In order to realize effective joint research for the creation of new businesses, HOIP will play a role in five phases, from the formation of joint research to social implementation.

Phase 1: Search for technological seeds in companies
Hiroshima University is home to many world-class research projects. However, it is not easy to determine from the outside whether the technology can be used for the development of one’s own products.
HOIP will efficiently introduce the research seeds of the University while taking into account the product strategies and technological needs of each company.

Phase 2: Joint research composition
When forming a joint research project, HOIP will act as the contact point for coordination of contracts, intellectual property, etc., as well as arranging related procedures such as securing a research site on campus and inviting relevant researchers.
HOIP will serve as a single point of contact, simplifying administrative procedures and providing flexibility to meet the needs of each company.

Phase 3: Progress management of joint research
After the start of joint research, HOIP will manage the progress and support the realization of social implementation of the research results.
Joint research means extending part of the company’s research department within Hiroshima University, and HOIP will support the company to ensure that the results of the joint research are acceptable to the company.

Phase 4: Development of new fields of joint research and collaboration with technologies outside the university
In order for university-originated technologies to be actually implemented in society, the results of a single joint research project alone may not be sufficient; it may be necessary to integrate with related technologies or develop peripheral technologies.
HOIP will research the necessary conditions for social implementation, and while taking into account the progress of the joint research, will proactively propose to the company the integration of internal and external researchers and technologies.

Phase 5: Commercialization of joint research
In order to utilize the new technology created through the joint research in actual economic activities, HOIP will provide active support while utilizing the network with local governments.
(1) Provision of intellectual property by the university to the company with which the joint research is conducted
(2) Provision of additional intellectual property and information on partner companies necessary for commercialization
(3) Introduction of management team and fundraising for new business start-up
(3) Introduction of management team and funding for new business start-up (4) Securing location for activities and seeking possible support from public institutions



Case Study

Introducing examples of industry-academia collaboration at Hiroshima University


Problem solving for businesses through industry-academia collaboration and open innovation.
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