Development of exhaust gas purification catalyst

Research Themes

  • Original development of high durability zeolite synthesis technology
  • Application for exhaust gas purification catalyst and adsorbent under severe conditions

Research Contents

Objective and Aim

The high durability zeolite the university developed includes a catalyst and absorbent that can maintain high heat resistance and hydrothermal stability under severe conditions that conventional zeolite materials can’t cope with.


Promising markets, products and industry sectors

  • ●Can be applied to catalysts and adsorbents for exhaust gas purification in various types of equipment and infrastructure such as chemical plants, automobiles, ships, generators and boilers.
  • ●- Also applicable in the chemical process when catalysts and adsorbents with high heat resistance and hydrothermal stability are necessary.



  • ●Zeolite is a porous material widely used as a catalyst and adsorbent.
  • ●Conventional zeolite would collapse in environments with high heat and th e presence of water vapor, and couldn’t perform adequately. Because of the original synthesis method developed by our university, the durability was successfully improved.
  • ●This original method of creating high durability zeolite is proving to create superior zeolite material for exhaust gas purification and alcohol conversion reaction.


Strengths of this Research

  • ●We developed a zeolite synthesis method with a structure that can sustain severe conditions previous versions of zeolite couldn’t.
  • ●By adjusting the synthesis method, the composition and pore structure of the zeolite can be changed, making it possible to bring about highly durable zeolite with particular catalyst and absorbent properties according to application.



  • ●2016-169004, Tsuneji Sano, Masahiro Sadakune, Nao Tsunoji, Yasuyuki Takamitsu, CHA-type zeolite with phosphorous and the manufacturing method, National University Corporation Hiroshima University, Tosoh Corporation, August 31, 2016 (application)

Research Paper

  • ●“Formation pathway of AEI zeolites as a basis for a streamlined synthesis” Chem. Mater., 32 60-74, 2020
  • ●“Phosphorus modified small-pore zeolites and their catalytic performances in ethanol conversion and NH3-SCR reactions” Appl. Catal. A, 575 204-213, 2019.
  • ●“Stepwise Gel Preparation for High-Quality CHA Zeolite Synthesis: A Common Tool for Synthesis Diversification” Cryst. Growth Des., 18 5652-5662, 2018.


Acquisition of External Funds

  • ●Young Scientists 20K15090, “Structural Design and Catalyst Property Control of Zeolite that Made Full Use of Hydrothermal Synthesis Method and Two-Dimensional Materials”


Awards Status

  • ●The 34th Zeolite Research Presentation Young Scientists Excellent Presentation Award


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Hiroshima University
Assistant Professor of Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

2013-2015 Completed the doctoral course at Hiroshima University Graduate School of Engineering (in engineering)
2013-2015 Special researcher (DC1) at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2015-2019 Assistant professor at Hiroshima University Graduate School of Engineering
May-Aug. 2017 J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry (Czech Republic) researcher (post held concurrently)
April 2020 Postgraduate course changed its affiliation (Hiroshima University Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering)