Through large-scale joint research that is deeply involved with the business strategies of companies, Hiroshima University is creating globally minded innovative businesses with the aim of activating Japan’s economy as well as its regional economies. We have installed an organizational structure that allows the university president direct control of the Open Innovation Platform (abbreviated to HOIP). As the premiere innovation hub in the western Japan region, we are aiming for the creation of new industries originating from the region by continuing to use our globally top-level education and research to develop organizations and mechanisms for commercialization.



Established the Hiroshima University Open Innovation Platform website.
The Union of Brain Science Association in Japan (UBSAJ), whose Chief Representative is Shigeto Yamawaki, Specially Appointed Professor of Hiroshima University, issued an urgent recommendation that “we need policies based on brain science to address the mental health crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic”.


Problem solving for businesses through industry-academia collaboration and open innovation.
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